Getting Your Business TEEDUP for Success

We truly love working with small businesses.  Why?  Because more often than not, you are working with good people who have a strong inner-drive and they deserve to have a presence online that reflects what they do in real life.

Those are the kind of people we have the pleasure of working with every day and we get to know our clients personally.  Your goals become our goals.  Your successes become our successes.

How do we do that? 

First, we have a free consultation to learn about you, your business, and your business goals.

Second, we have a 1 ½ month long research process where we gather web analytics, research keywords, the best advertising opportunities, and build a marketing action plan.

Lastly, we implement the plan and revise as needed to optimize your returns.

*Note* Getting a small business marketing action plan does not carry any obligation to work with us.  There are clients that are not ready to implement a marketing campaign, but come to us for the Small Business Marketing Action Plan alone.  If you do plan on implementing the plan I recommend working with us because it is much more effective to have to planning team involved closely with the implementation team.  Also, we offer a unique pricing structure in certain cases.

Depending on the client, we are able to offer 100% performance-based pricing on our advertising efforts.  “On what is the performance based?” you ask.  In every situation possible we base our performance off of sales.  Not traffic.  Not engagement.  Not clicks.  Sales.  Cash into your business.

Most marketing companies will not guarantee their work in this way.  Because it can get too messy for the big companies.  We do this so that you have the opportunity to grow with us.  We align our incentives with your success giving you an extra engine working full-powered to maximize your growth.

TEEDUP is specialized for small businesses and their needs.  Small businesses can grow and compete online.  But, they need someone in their corner guaranteeing that they get their marketing money’s worth.  That is what we take pride in doing at TEEDUP.  We partner with businesses that we believe in and help them help them grow through digital marketing.

If you think your business would benefit from our services and would be a good fit, click the link https://teedupmarketing.com/contact-us/ and fill out our contact form.  We will contact you shortly to schedule a free consultation.

Get Your Business TEEDUP for Success!  Welcome to your digital marketing destination.